Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Planetary by Warren Ellis is quite possible the best comic book series I've had the pleasure of reading. The series weave through many different tales, creating an overarching story that still has room to breathe. It's not a point A to point B narrative, but rather one told through various flashbacks, outside characters and constantly revealing (and solving) new mysteries in the strange world we live in. By uncovering the absurd as fact, employing characters that are equal part pulp and hard sci-fi and making references to many different more famous comic book heroes throughout, the team of Elijah Snow, Jakita Wagner and The Drummer become a team that you want to root for. You won't make a solid connection with any one character in the story, but at the pace that the story moves and the tales it unfolds, it won't matter. A thoroughly engaging read and just one of the most enjoyable experiences I've had with comics. And don't forget it's drawn by John Cassady, who won an Eisner Award one year for his art in this book. There's a reason for that, the art is fantastic.

The zip collects all 27 issues of the main series as well as the 3 crossover comics (that I don't particularly care for).


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Anonymous said...

your review inspired me to read this. I am hoping it comes off as something in the vein as "THe Invisibles" or "The Filth" both by grant morrison. Thanks