Sunday, October 11, 2009

hey i remember this place. A new mix.

I still exist, yes. Probably won't start the blog back up again, but who knows. Anyway, I made a mix because so fall the autumn here in the Bay Area has been awesome and I hadn't made a good mix in a while. It's decent, not the best but pretty good. Enjoy.

1. fennesz - laguna
2. kurt vile - blackberry song
3. atlas sound - walkabout (w/noah lennox)
4. hush arbors - sand
5. my morning jacket - the way that he sings
6. four tet - my angel rocks back and forth
7. natural snow buildings - sunbone
8. dirty projectors - two doves
9. karen o and the kids - cliffs
10. jim o'rourke - fuzzy sun
11. arthur russell - close my eyes
12. the field mice - an earlier autumn
13. pink floyd - san tropez
14. grizzly bear - dory
15. mount eerie - between two mysteries
16. flower travellin' band - after the concert

its about an hour long, pretty lowkey and it has fades/mixes so you should probably listen to it the way i intended, because I'm self-righteous and all that.

Download Here