Sunday, December 16, 2007

Andy's Top 50 Albums Of 2007 (Intro)

Well here we are. On a blog I've never used. Posting a Top 50 list that I've probably worked on for a month, and doubt more than about 20 people will actually read. It's become an addiction, almost a sickness. I started 2007 telling myself (and others) that I wouldn't get much new music this year, that I'd control myself and learn to enjoy stuff I already had. For about 4 months, this worked out. I didn't have that many new releases, and I was enjoying the ones I had. I made a Top 20 of the quarter year, I believe, and very few of the albums that were on that list are back here on my end of the year list. And that's because when I came back to school from the summer, when I had my new computer, my new internet, I just started downloading, and went back into the same old method of past years. I regret it now, though there was lots of great music released this year. This list that will be posted over the following week with reviews, isn't necessarily indicative of what I think are the BEST albums of the year, but rather, the 50 albums I was really feeling in the middle of December, 2007. There is also a large amount of albums that just barely missed the ranking, due to myself not listening to them enough, but knowing that in the future they would probably top this list (albums like Burial, Ghostface, Deer Tick, etc.) I had a ton of experimental, ambient and wtf type records in the top 100, but I found myself once again succumbing to my love of pop music to create this Top 50. 10 years from now, I'll have probably listened to Lyle Lovett's album more than anything else, and yet I chose not to include it. And then there is just those albums that I loved for months, and now in the month of December, have a tough time getting through. I'm talking about acts like Justice, Sean Price, Pantha Du Prince, The Roadside Graves. Do I include them because they were the soundtrack of my summer, or do I not include them because times have changed. This isn't a Best of 2007 list, as much as it's a Best records of 2007 that I enjoy in December list. I have fun doing this, it's a hobby, but this is most likely my last time I will dedicate this time to it. 2008 will be different. Mark my words.


ingrid said...

it's 2009 now, and i just read this, so i guess that's something.
die die die might be one of the best songs of 2007, not that i can remember everything from that far back, but, the avett brothers definately captured something special in that simple little song. not to mention the heartbreaker shame, and near whimsical Will You Return?....Emotionalism is pretty great all round. adore it.