Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lists lists lists

Hey guys.

Back in December and in January and maybe even into February just about every music publication and message board dude was putting together "best of the decade" lists.

I tried back then but I decided not to. I've been thinking about doing it for awhile and I've actually got a bunch of albums selected, but I'm going to do it different.

I figured that making a list 1-100 would be even more arbitrary than my usual year-end top 50. Therefore, what I have done is made a NEW top 10 for every year between 2000 and 2009. I started making my top 50 or 40 back in 2003 (what a funny list that was) and I've published it on a website or this blog every year since (except 2005, in which I just made a top 20 and posted it on a couple message boards).

So anyway, I've made a new top 10 for every year and most of them are drastically different - because well, we change. The general criteria for making the list is whether or not I listened to the given album a lot after its release or if I forgot about it as the year changed. There are at least two #1's entirely missing from these lists, so there's that.

I'll post these with reviews or whatever in the near future with no promise of when they will come out or whatever and no one really cares anyway - its more for me than you. I've been rediscovering some past loves this past week and a half and it's been really great for me.

After I post all these, I might just make an overall top 20 or 15 or 10 or something for the sake of doing it myself and seeing if I value any of the years more than any other.

Anyway - stay tuned if you want. I'll probably post some A-Z's here and there too.


Anonymous said...

where are the lists? hit me

Ryan said...

wonderful idea. i really enjoy your posts and your commentary on them. can't wait to see how this pans out. on a side note do you know whats going on with zamboni soundtracks? did Blogger shut it down? hope he continues elsewhere if thats the case. Ian had turned me on to so much great music. thanks for what you do.


Andy said...

ryan, zamboni got shut down by blogger/google.

he has his old posts archived at sonofzamboni.blogspot.com but i don't think he is actively updating.

Ryan said...

thats what i figured. sounded like he was getting busy with other stuff anyways. thanks