Saturday, January 23, 2010

Annihilation War and Annihilation Conquest

I have zipped up all the comics you need for the Annihilation War story arc of the Marvel Cosmic universe as well as the subsequent Annhilation: Conquest arc. The original Annihilation arc is better, but the Star-Lord mini that is a prelude to Conquest is probably the best mini out of the 8. Everything is in order or includes a reading list. Includes the preludes, tie-ins and everything else.

Reading comics on your computer is easy. You can use Jomic if you have a mac. Or Comical if you have Windows. Have some fun, I like these arcs and I find the space-based Marvel stuff much more intriguing than most of their other comics. Anyway if you want a review or whatever, look em up online. Shit is fun, art is mostly good, so just download and read them over time.

Download Here