Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Nonce - World Ultimate (1995)

Recently watched the 2008 documentary film "This is the Life" that looks at the hip hop scene known as The Good Life. Named after a restaurant in Los Angeles in the early 90s, the scene birthed such underground legends as Freestyle Fellowship (Mikah 9, Aceyalone, P.E.A.C.E and Self-Jupiter), Abstract Rude, Chali 2na, Cut Chemist, Busdriver, Pigeon John and loads of others that time has forgotten.

While The Good Life was centered around stage performances and freestyles, urging creativity and style above actual substance, there are a handful of outstanding albums to come from Good Life alumni. One of these album is "World Ultimate" by The Nonce.

I won't try to encapsulate the short-lived career of The Nonce, you can find it online or by downloading the video I have included in this post taken from the Documentary previously mentioned. The Nonce consist of Nouka Base and Yusef Afloat (RIP). The music contained within is often called the West Coast A Tribe Called Quest. Super smooth, jazzy beats that have a decent bottom, excellent rapping that just rides the beats. Hip Hop music you can get lost in. Beautiful record and definitely a forgotten classic. Posting their classic single "Mixtapes" right below this, and then the album included. Enjoy the summer, play this over and over.

Video link removed. Visit the website here!
Download Album Here


A. said...

this is the director of the film 'this is the life.' my man, you've ripped and digitized a portion of our film without permission. uncool. everyone in the movement has respected this film and worked hard to get it out into the word legitimately. our fans have understood and respected that most of all. if you say you love the music, please respect the movie that chronicles us and take down this clip that you have posted without permission. we have a grip of promotional clips on youtube at the dvapr page and on our official site www.goodlifelove.com. appreciate the support, fam.

Andy said...


No problem taking the clip down, took it off file servers as well. My bad, clouded judgement. Just saw your film recently and really loved it. I'll spread the word, rather than the film. Thanks for stopping by the site though!