Wednesday, March 18, 2009

David Ruffin Megapost

A few weeks ago I got on this huge Temptations kick and was listening to all Temptations related things for like 2 weeks. In the process, I happened to upload every David Ruffin album to hipinion, and though that was a while ago, I figured I might as well just post them here too, enjoy the man.

My Whole World Ended (1969)

Feelin' Good (1969)

David Ruffin (1973)

Me N' Rock N' Roll Are Here To Stay (1974)

Who I Am (1975)

Everything's Coming Up Love (1976)

In My Stride (1977)

Gentleman Ruffin (1980)

David - The Unreleased Album (2004 issue, originally 1971)

Apparently I'm missing "Doin' His Thing" which I can't find any info on anywhere anyway. I'm also missing "So Soon We Change" which was his first record on Warner Bros. (Gentleman Ruffin being his second). And I don't have the record he put out with Eddie Kendricks. I do however have the record put out with his brother, Jimmy, which I will likely post in the next day or so.


spickleg said...

I found a link for So Soon We Change (David Ruffin). It's a vinyl rip, but its still the original album. Enjoy!

Raggedy said...

Hi! I am a huge David Ruffin Fan and I am so happy you've posted all this great music. He was a great vocalist who unfortunately never got the recognition he deserved (except in the negative way.)
Thanks for sharing!

Simon666 said...

Here's the one with Kendricks :

Dave said...

Whoa, thank you THANK THANK THANK YOU for this ~ ~~ ~

mrpsychguy said...


Steve said...

I have downloaded a DJ beat with David Ruffin vocals, but i cannot find the track these vocals come from.
The vocals i have are-"Make me feel so horrid i can't let you go,i feel so dog gone greedy i want to hold you some more,just fill me with your love until i'm satisfied now,if you leave me now i'll break down inside".
I was told they were from his "Who am I" LP.
can you assist.

Steve said...

No need folks, have found the track,it's called "Don't you go home" off his Gentlemen Ruffin" LP

The Uber Sonic Sonar Radar said...

thank you for sharing i can't get enough david ruffin

rotkiw1997 said...

Can anyone reupload David Ruffin 1973 album?