Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mississippi Records

Mississippi Records is a store on said street in Portland. Very cool shop, but the coolest part about the owners is the label they run. Reissuing compilations of rare music and unheralded albums, the label was really taken off in the last years putting out super limited runs that get sold out almost immediately. Over at hipinion, I've (with the help of a few) uploaded most of their catalogue, and while I feel bad for bootlegging a cool label, oh well. Here's a few of their records.

Last Kind Words (1926-1953)
Great compilation of old blues from some familiar names, but mostly those unfamiliar.
Download Here

Lipa Kodi Ya City Council
Possibly my favorite compilation on the label (though actually probably not), this is a great collection of African highlife music mostly. Great for a sunny day.
Download Here

George Coleman - Bongo Joe
Some records you can't attach a label to. This is one of those records. Originally released in '69 (best year in music if you didn't know), this album is some sort of demented blues records played almost solely on steel drums. Screams, shouts, croaks, whistles, whatever. Blow your mind.
Download Here


Peter said...

ima listen the hell outta that bongo album thank you kind sir

-gorgeous boners

Dave said...

Bongo Joe actually played an unmodified 45 gallon oil drum, which makes it just that much weirder, I guess.
Have this on vinyl, thanks for the D/L, it's much appreciated/

Thee LP said...

Thanks a lot!