Friday, December 5, 2008


Hey followers (all two of ya!)

Sorry I haven't been updating. Went home for 11 days for Thanksgiving and now I'm just finishing out the semester back here at school and I swear to god my internet keeps getting slower and slower. Updates will probably come again sometime, I just haven't really been uploading anything at all.

On another note, I have given in and am slowly (or quickly) establishing my top albums of the year in case you care. I know last year I said that it was the last time and it sort of was. I don't think I'm doing a top 50 and am definitely not spending the same amount of time with it, but I'll probably post up 20 albums that I enjoyed once I finish looking through the music. Whatever, it's a bit fun and definitely helps me purge my collection.

So keep a lookout for that, should be up in the next two weeks I'd guess, but we'll see.