Saturday, September 27, 2008

Maxwell - MTV Unplugged EP (1997)

Maxwell never quite had the balls to do a music video entirely of just his naked body like D'Angelo, but he wasn't lacking any swagger. In 96-97 when Maxwell came out, he was probably a bigger commercial success than D'Angelo as well, scoring hits, getting pretty heavy MTV airplay and then of course doing this MTV Unplugged set, which at the time, seemed a little odd. It's a great set overall though. 7 songs, and just nice smooth soul of Maxwell loving himself and playing to the ladies in the audience. I like this record because the live setting allows Max to be a little more loose in his performances, really trying to channel those soul powerhouses of the 70s. They are sex jams, to be sure, but Unplugged has its own share of funky moments too.

I'm including a link to some blog that has a pretty great in depth review of the album, so you should check that out if you are at all hesitant.

Raindayjams Review

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anc282 said...


I figured I'd let you know that I just so happen to run "some blog" called Rainydayjams, lol.

As well as another one, which used to be on Blogger, but is now on WordPress, called "The Adamo Opinion."

Features pretty much the same content.

Thanks for the kind words, they really mean a lot.