Monday, August 18, 2008

Tenner's: De La Soul

On a music message board I frequent, many of the participants have been making "tenners" over the last few weeks. What this means is that the members choose an artist that they really enjoy and choose ten tracks to make a mix. Many choose their ten favorite tracks and many opt for nice overview of the artist. It's a great concept to expose people to artists and I've made one for De La Soul: one of the most consistently great hip hop groups (if not the single most consistent) there is. It's not tagged really, but here is the tracklist and you can make the playlist if you wish. I think the "tenner" will be an addition to this blog.

1. Buddy (Three Feet High And Rising)
2. Held Down Ft. Cee-Lo (AOI: Bionix)
3. What's That? (Que Eso) Ft. Mos Def (Tony Touch Presents: The Piece Maker)
4. Copa (Cabanga)(Art Official Intelligence: Mosaic Thump)
5. Three Days Later (Buhloone Mindstate)
6. It's A New Thing (It's Your Thing) (Isley Brothers: Taken To The Next Phase)
7. Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey) (De La Soul Is Dead)
8. Itsoweezee (Hot) (Stakes Is High)
9. Freestyle (Dat Shit) 2006 (The Impossible Mission)
10. The Grind Date (The Grind Date)

Download Here:
De La Soul Tenner