Friday, May 9, 2008

A To Z: P - Party Down by Little Beaver

My obsession with this album in February and March is more or less the reason that I chose to start this blog up as more than just a place to dump my Top 50 lists. It's the source of hip hop samples, including the the awesome "Party Life" on Jay-Z's last album, and is just a totally unique sound.

Little Beaver is a soul dude from Florida who is sort of like a 1970s Cody Chesnutt or something (I guess Martin Luther from The Roots is a better reference point). Where this is clearly soul music and the way that Little Beaver sings is awesome, it is his work on the guitar that really sets this album apart. Totally unique.

It's only 7 tracks, and they all basically blend into each other and sound the same, but they are so fucking smooth and awesome that you don't care, it's the best 30 minutes of your life.

It's similar to Shuggie Otis' Inspiration Information which is one of the best albums of the 70s, so this is in good territory.

Little bit of funk, little bit of sultry shit. Altogether a masterpiece and totally overlooked. Great shit and perfect for the summer months that are rapidly approaching.

Download Here:
Party Down